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N net Technology Co Limited is one of the powerful and Hi Tech companies specializing in the integration of R D manufacturing and marketing of optical fiber communication and Security solution The main products include commercial industrial fiber media converter series commercial industrial fiber switches GEPON series fiber video converter series EOC series and the security monitoring core system etc Since the establishment in 2001 N net has built its reputation in the high quality of products and services and the leadership in

Categories and Products

Ethernet Switch

Fast Ethernet Switch

Networking 5 Ports Fast Ethernet Switch Fast 4 Ports Ethernet POE Switch Unmanaged Fast 16 ports LCD POE switch 16 Ports Power Over Ethernet POE Switch Unmanaged 10/100M POE+ Switch 24 Ports Unmanaged Unmanaged Fast Fiber Ethernet Switch Fast Unmanaged Fiber Network Switch 24 Ports L2 Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch 

Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Managed Gigabit Switch Full Gigabit 24 Ports Managed Ethernet Switch 10/100/1000M Managed Ethernet Switch 10G 48 Ports Managed Ethernet Switch Unmanaged Gigabit 24 Ports POE+ Switch 10/100/1000M 16 Ports Power Over Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch Managed Gigabit Non-managed Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Switch Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch Gigabit Managed 48 Ports Gigabit Ethernet Switch 

Managed Ethernet Switch

L2 Managed Gigabit Switch with 8 Ethernet Ports Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switch 8-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Web Smart Managed Gigabit Switch 48 Ports Gigabit Smart Managed Switch 10G Uplink L2 Managed 24 Ports Aggregation Switch 5 Ports Smart Managed Gigabit Switch Gigabit 8 Ports Smart Managed Switch 4 SFP+ L2+ Managed 48 Ports Gigabit Switch L2+ 24 SFP Ports TP Gigabit Managed Switch L2 Smart Managed 8 Ports Gigabit Switch 10/100/1000 M Managed Ethernet Switch 

POE Switch

Fast Ethernet POE Switch

Fast 5 Ports POE Switch Unmanaged Unmanaged Fast Ethernet POE Switch 5 Ports 9 Ports 10/100M Unmanaged Power Over Ethernet Switch POE Switch 8 Ports 10/100M Unmanaged POE Switch networking 5 ports 10/100M Fast Smart 6-Port POE Switch 4 POE Outputs Non-managed Network POE Switch 10/100M 5 Ports 10/100Mbps Non-managed 8-port POE Switch Unmanaged Fast Network POE Switch 10/100M 6-Port Ethernet POE switch 5 Ports Non-managed 10/100M Smart POE Switch Fast Ethernet 9-port Networking POE Switch Unmanaged 4 Ports Fast Ethernet POE Switch Fast Ethernet 5-port POE Switch Fast Ethernet POE Switch 8 Ports 802.3AF Output 10/100M Full Ethernet 6 Ports POE Switch 8 Ports 10/100M Non-managed POE Switch 6 Ports Unmanaged Fast POE Switches Fast Ethernet Switch With 4 POE Outputs Unmanaged Poe Auto-check switch 

Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch

4 Ports Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch 4 Ports Unmanaged Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch 8 Ports 8 Ports Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch 802.3 AF/AT Unmanaged Gigabit Switch with 4 POE Ports Layer 2 Gigabit Unmanaged POE Switch 5 Ethernet Ports Gigabit PoE Switch 24 Ports LCD Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch 

Managed Fast Ethernet POE Switch

Managed 10/100M Ethernet POE Switches L2 Managed Fast Power Over Ethernet Switch 24 Ports Managed Power Over Ethernet Switch L2 10/100M Managed Power Over Ethernet Switches 16 Ports 10/100M LCD Managed POE Switch LCD Managed Fast Power over Ethernet Switch L2 10/100M 16 Ports POE Switch L2 Managed 10/100M Power Over Ethernet Switch 24 Ports L2 10/100M Managed POE Switch 24 Port LCD Managed Switch with PoE 

Managed Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch

Managed 10/100/1000M Ethernet POE Switch 10/100/1000M LCD Managed POE Switch L2 Managed 10/100/1000M Power Over Ethernet Switch PoE Switch Gigabit 16 Port For IP Camera 24 Port Managed PoE Gigabit Switch LCD Managed 24 Port PoE Switch Gigabit Managed 8 Port PoE Switch Gigabit Gigabit 8 Port PoE Switch Managed With LCD 24 Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch Managed Gigabit 8 Port PoE Network Switch 

LCD Ethernet POE Switch

LCD 10/100M Managed POE Switch 16 Port Gigabit Switch With PoE Unmanaged 16 Port PoE Managed Gigabit Switch 8 Port PoE Gigabit Switch Managed Managed Gigabit Ethernet LCD PoE Switch Fast Ethernet PoE Switch With LCD Display 

POE+ Switch

POE Switch 4 Ports

4 Port POE Switch Gigabit Unmanaged Fast 4-Port POE Switch Unmanaged Unmanaged Gigabit Poe Switch 4 Ports Unmanaged 4 Port Gigabit POE Switch 4-Port POE Switch Gigabit Unmanaged Unmanaged Gigabit 4 Ports POE Switch 4 Port Ethernet POE Switch 10/100M Unmanaged Umnanaged Gigabit 4 Ports POE Ethernet Switch Fast 4 Ports Ethernet POE Switch Unmanaged 4 Ports 802.3at/af PoE Switch Small 100Mbps 4 Ports PoE Switch 4 Ports Unmanaged Ethernet POE Switch 4 Ports Unmanaged POE Switch for IP Camera Gigabit 4 Ports Ethernet POE Switch Unmanaged 4 Ports Power Over Ethernet Switch 

POE Switch 8 Ports

Gigabit POE Switch 8 Port Unmanaged Gigabit 8 Ports POE Switch Unmanaged Unmanaged 10/100M 8-port POE Switch Unmanaged 8 Port Gigabit POE Switch Smart 8 Ports POE Ethernet Switch 8 Ports Unmanaged Ethernet POE Switch Fast Unmanaged 8-port POE Ethernet Switch Fast 8 Ports POE Switch For IP Cameras Fast Unmanaged 8-port POE Network Switch Gigabit 8 Ports Ethernet POE Switch 100M Unmanaged 8 Ports Network POE Switch Unmanagement Fast Ethernet POE Switch 8 Ports 

POE Switch 16 Ports

10/100M Managed POE Switch 16 Ports For CCTV Managed Gigabit 16-Port POE Switch for IP Camera Managed 16 PortS POE Switch with LCD Monitor 16 Ports Gigabit POE Switch Unmanaged Managed 16 Ports POE Switch Gigabit Unmanaged POE Switch 16 Ports Gigabit Fast Unmanaged 16 Ports POE Switch POE Switch Unmanaged 16 Ports 10/100M Fast 16 Ports Managed POE Switch With LCD 

POE Switch 24 Ports

10/100M Managed 24-Port POE Switch For IP Camera Smart Managed Gigabit POE Swicth 24 Ports POE+ Switch 24 Ports Gigabit Unmanaged for CCTV POE Switch 24 ports Unmanaged for IP Cameras Unmanaged 24 Ports POE Gigabit Switch 10/100Mbps 24 Ports POE Switch Managed 100Mps Unmanaged 24 Ports POE Switch 24 Ports Managed Gigabit POE Switch 24 Ports Ethernet PoE Switch with LCD Screen 

Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Fast Ethernet Switch

industrial 10/100m Ethernet switch industrial fast Ethernet switch 2 fiber ports industrial fast Ethernet switch Industrial Ethernet switch 10/100 Industrial Ethernet Switch Fast 10/100Mbps umanaged Ethernet switch Fast umanaged Ethernet switch 8 fiber ports POE switch Fast Ethernet Media Converter 5 ports fast Ethernet fiber switch 2 fiber ports fast ethernet switch 6 ports fast ethernet switch Low speed data fiber switch industrial unmanaged fast ethernet switch Industrial 10/100M fiber switch Fast Ethernet Switch 2 Fiber Ports Fast Ethernet Switch Industrial Industrial 8 port fast ethernet switch Industrial hybrid fiber switch Unmanaged Industrial 100M Ethernet switch SM 20KM 

Industrial Fast Ethernet POE Switch

Unmanaged Industrial Fast Ethernet POE Switch unmanaged industrial Ethernet siwtch 10/100Mbps industrial POE fiber switch fast Ethernet POE umanaged switch Industrial 10/100m Ethernet POE Switch POE managed fast Ethernet switch Unmanaged Industrial 10/100m Ethernet Switch Fast Umanaged Ethernet Poe Switch Fast Industrial Ethernet Poe Switch Industrial hybrid fast Ethernet POE switch Unmanaged Fast Ethernet POE Switch Low speed data industrial media converter Industrial One Fiber Port Switch Unmanaged 10/100M POE switch Industrial low speed POE switch Unmanaged Industrial Fast Ethernet Switch 3-Port Industrial Fast Ethernet Redundant Media Converter Unmanaged 2 Fiber POE Switch Fast industrial POE switch full RJ45 port industrial fast switch 

Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch

unmanaged industrial gigabit ethernet POE switch industrial gigabit media converter unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch Gigabit unmanaged industrial siwtch Gigabit Ethernet Switch Industrial Industrial 10/100/1000M media converter industrial gigabit ethernet switch Industrial 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Switch industrial 2 RJ45 ports media converter Industrial 10/100/1000M fiber switch Industrial gigabit fiber switch Industrial-grade 1Fiber 2RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Industrial-grade 2Fiber 1RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 2 Fiber Redundant Unmanaged Gigabit industrial Ethernet switch SM 20km Unmanaged Industrial gigabit Ethernet Switch SM 20KM Unmanaged L2 gigabit industrial Ethernet POE switch 

Industrial Gigabit Ethernet POE Switch

10/100/1000m Industrial unmanaged switch with poe Gigabit POE switch with one fiber Industrial 10/100/1000M Ethernet switch POE gigabit industrial switch 

Web Management Industrial Switch

managed industrial Ethernet switch Web Managed Industrial fast Ethernet POE switch Web Managed Fast Industrial Ethernet POE Switch Web Managed L2+ Industrial POE Switch Web Managed ring network industrial fast Ethernet switch 

Industrial Ring Ethernet Switch

Industrial poe managed switch Managed Gigabit Industrial Ring Ethernet POE Switch L2 managed industrial gigabit Ethernet switch 

Industrial Media Converter

Industrial Fast Media Converter

fast Ethernet fiber media converter Fast Ethernet switch 10/100M 10/100M Ethernet Media converter Industrial Fast Ethernet Media Converter Industrial 10/100 Fast Ethernet Media Converter Unmanaged Industrial Fast Ethernet Media Converter 

Industrial Fast POE Media Converter

POE Ethernet media converter fast industrial network switch 10/100m fast DIP industrial fast media converter Industrial Fast Ethernet PoE Media Converter 10-100 PoE Industrial Ethernet-to-fiber Converter 

Industrial Gigabit Media Converter

Indusrtial gigabit media converter Industrial Media Converter 10/100/1000M Unmanaged Industrial POE Switch Unmanaged 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch managed gigabit ethernet switch 24 SFP Ports Managed Ethernet Switch Unmanaged gigabit industrial Ethernet switch MM 

Industrial Gigabit POE Media Converter

Industrial fast Ethernet converter industrial gigabit POE media converter 

Video Converter

HD-SDI Video Converter

HD-SDI digital HD video converter HD-SDI 1 video 1 return data video converter HD-SDI 1 video 1 data fiber video converter Low speed data HD fiber video converter 1 Channel video HD-SDI Over Fiber Video Converter 

Analog CCTV Transmission

1/2/4/8 channel analog video converter 1 video 1 data analog video converter 2 video 1 data analog video converter 4 video 1 data analog video converter 8 video 1 data analog video converter 1 channel fiber video converter for surveillance 2 video 1 data analog optical video converter 4 Channel CCTV Video to Fiber Optical Converter 1 U 8 channel video analog video converter 

Media Converter

Fast Media Converter

unmanaged 100M fiber media converter 10/100M Media Converter Unmanaged 10/100M Unmanaged Fiber Media Converter Ethernet Fiber Media Converter Unmanaged Fiber Media Converter 10/100M Media Converter Dual Fiber SC SM 10/100M Internal Fiber Media Converter PD 10/100M fiber media converter 10/100M Dual Fiber Single mode optic Media Converter Ethernet media converter 10/100M Media Converter with DIP Switch Adaptive Fast Optical Media Converter 10/100M External Media Converter Fast External Media Converter Fast internal media converter 10/100M Internal Card Type Media Converter 10/100M External PD Media Converter 10/100M Standlone Managed Fiber Media Converter 20KM fast fiber media converter 40KM Fast Fiber Media Converter 

Gigabit Media Converter

Gigabit Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000M External Fiber Media Converter External 10/100/1000M Media Converter gigabit external SFP port media converter External 10/100/1000M SFP Port Media Converter 10/100/1000M Internal Fiber Media Converter Gigabit Internal Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000M FX Auto-Sensed Fiber Media Converter Unmanaged Gigabit Fiber Media Converter Unmanaged Full 1000M Fiber Media Converter Unmanaged Full 1000M Media Converter External 1000M Fiber Media Converter PD 10/100/1000M Fiber Media Converter Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Gigabit SFP Media Converter 10/100/1000M Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000M external media converter Gigabit SFP external media converter 100/1000M FX Gigabit Media Converter 1000M external media converter 

10g Fiber Media Converter

10G Internal Fiber Media Converter 10G fiber media converter fiber media converter 10g 10G SFP Fiber Media Converter 10G XFP Port Media Converter 10G XFP To XFP 3R Repeater 10G SFP to SFP 3R repeater 10G XFP to SFP 3R repeater 

Managed Media Converter

Standalone 10/100M Managed Fiber Media converter 10/100/1000M Standalone Fiber Media Converter Managed Ethernet Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000M Managed Media Converter 


XFP to SFP 10G 3R Repeater 

Media Converter Chassis

14 Slots Media Converter Chassis

14 slot fiber media converter chassis 14 slots fiber media converter chassis Fiber Media Converter Chassis 14 Slots Fiber Media Converter Chassis Media Converter Chassis Dual Power Supply 

16 Slots Media Converter Chassis

16 Slot Fiber Media Converter Chassis 16 slot media converter chassis fiber media converter chassis 16 slot fiber media converter chassis 14 slot 16 slots fiber media converter chassis Media Converter Chassis 16 Slots Fiber Fiber Media Converter Chassis 16 Slots 

Ethernet Over Coax Converter

Ethernet And Power Over Coax Converter

Networking Fast Power Ethernet over Coax 5-Port POE Coax to Ethernet 10/100M 10/100M Network Ethernet Over Coax Transceiver Fast Ethernet over Coax Network 10/100M Ethernet Over Coax Converter Fast Coax to Ethernet Converter 5 Ports Ethernet over Coax Coverter 100M Coaxial Cable Ethernet Extender Ethernet Over Coax Converter 4 BNC Fast Ethernet over Coax Converter 

Ethernet And Power Over UTP Cable Converter

Network Ethernet over UTP Wiring Converter POE Ethernet Over UTP Cable Transceiver 10/100M Ethernet Over 2 Wire Converter Fast Ethernet Over UTP Cable Transceiver 4 Ports Ethernet Over UTP Cable Converter Fast Ethernet to UTP Wire Converter 

Passive Optical Network(PON Series)


Ethernet passive optical network 


mini GEPON ONU terminal device 

Serial Device Server

RS485/RS422/RS232 Serial To Ethernet Converter

RS485/RS422/RS232 serial to ethernet converter 

Fiber Optic Modem

RS485/RS422/RS232 To Fiber Converter

Low speed data fiber modem 

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